An online unit is now undeniably a necessity for retailers. Cash-strapped new retailers avoid or reduce many costs of operating a physical store-front. Established retailers see greatly revived sales. Through e-commerce, inventory becomes accessible world-wide.

Esegna's e-commerce solutions are hosted on secured, monitored cloud servers. Online units can be managed from any location on any device with internet connectivity.

Esegna has its own e-commerce suite and also builds stores on third party platforms. We offer a flexible package: choose only the required features, and upgrade as needed. Features include the following and more:

  • unique store-front & catalog layout
  • inventory management
  • order processing
  • CRM: customer database; email, communications & promotions tools
  • custom reports
  • hosting on managed cloud servers
  • ecommerce ROI consulting
  • business intelligence and analysis tools

E-commerce projects at Esegna involve business consultants and an IT team. As a one-stop shop Esegna offers:

  • full implementation
  • assistance in inventory management
  • strategy for marketing
  • search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)
  • business consulting for all areas

Clients have engaged Esegna for projects of sizes: end-to-end services for new retailers that includes ecommerce platform, online marketing and even packaging concepts; select services for established online retailers such as redesign or internet marketing.

Clients need not have any technical expertise. Esegna delivers a ready-to-launch store. After go-Live, Esegna's development and technical support team can provide assistance.